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Public Lectures at Alexander Library Theatre
2nd June, 6.30-7.30 pm
Topic: "New for old: Organ Transplants into the next millennium".

Speakers are Mr Robert Larbelestier, Head, Cardiac Transplant Unit, Dept of Cardiothoracic Surgery, Royal Perth Hospital, and Dr Richard Tarala, Dept of Respiratory Medicine, Royal Perth Hospital.

Topic contents to include: a discussion on the history of transplants, ethics, cost benefit analysis, how many performed each year, transplant rejection and developing alternative strategies.

3rd June, 6.30-7.30 pm
Topic: "Gene junkies: Pros and cons of Gene Therapy and Frankenstein Food"

To be presented by Dr Steve Wilton, Australian Neuromuscular Research Inst, and Prof Mike Jones, State Agriculture & Biotech Centre, Murdoch University.

Topic contents to include: a discussion on the history behind gene therapy, what it is, how it is done,diseases amenable to therapy, success stories and failures, future trends. Also genetically engineered crops, what it means for the health of the consumer and the environment.

For further information relating to the Public Lectures please email Dr Sara Dunlop.

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