Prof Erwin B Burner - Testing the theory, a watched pot never boils.

The purpose of the Raine Foundation MRW Dinner is to encourage the medical research community in Perth to come together in a relaxed, social environment. This facilitates open interaction and networking between clinicians, medical research scientists and students. As the ASMR is geared towards young medical researchers it is a great opportunity to encourage students and those starting out in medical research.

The highlight of the evening will be an address from our Keynote Speaker. This year our speaker will be Professor Ralph Bradshaw who is a key player in the strategic review of Health and Medical Research in Australia (The Wills Review).

The 1999 Raine Foundation MRW Dinner will be held at Hotel Rendezvous Observation City on the 28th May. Pre dinner drinks will be held from 7.30 till 8.00pm in the Ocean Plaza Pre Function Area, followed by dinner in the Harbour Suite. Entertainment will be provided. The tickets will be $45 for students, $60 for members, $65 for others (non-members and non-fulltime students).

If you wish to attend the dinner please email Louise Daly.

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